Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Elephant Porn

This has nothing to do with anything.

“Wait, go back. I wanna watch that,” she says.
     I flip backwards channel-wise. “Which?”
     “The thing with the elephants.”
     “Nature?” I say with a bored groan.
     “What’s wrong with nature?”
     “Nature is boring.”
     “You’re boring. Go back.”
     We start watching the elephants. The narrator informs us that one of the females is in heat. A bull elephant, engorged, mounts the female and penetrates her in close-up detail.
     “Ew, you can turn it now,” she says.
     “I thought you wanted to watch this.”
     “Yeah, I did before it turned into elephant porn.”
     I laugh. “Well I think it’s interesting. Look at that. Whoa baby!”
     “Shut up! Turn it off!”
     “Okay, okay. Jesus.” I turn to something neutral.
     Something tells me this relationship isn’t going to work.

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