Friday, August 1, 2014

Paquita's Gumballs

                                              Purty, ain't it?
The new issue of A cappella Zoo is out and about and contains a story I wrote called, Paquita's Gumballs.

Here `tis.

And now, a random vignette!

It was our first live date after talking on an online dating service. We met at an Italian restaurant. I didn’t feel like talking. Everything I said I had to force.
     “These are nice menus,” I said.
     “Yeah. They’re laminated. They do that so they can clean them with a sponge at the end of the night.”
     “Wow. Were you a waitress?”
     “God no. I could never do this job.”
     “Me either.”
     “Just so you know, I’m not gonna let you touch me.”
     “Just so you know.”


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