Friday, September 13, 2013

The Membranous Lounge (Apophenia Edition)

The second edition of The Membranous Lounge is out. Smoother than sandpaper and cleaner than clones!

I like chimps.

You can buy the book here. Please help send my cat to college. 
Here's a bit of nonsense...

It was the first time I’d ever heard of a woman getting arrested for being a peeping Tom.
     “Who were you spying on?” I asked her.
     “This guy next door. I wasn’t trying to see him naked or anything. It wasn’t dirty voyeurism.”
     “Then why were you doing it?”
     “I just wanted to see if he had any secrets.”
     “Did he?”
     “Not that I could see.”

This Is Abominable
I went to high school with a Yeti. He was huge and furry and grunted a lot. He had no name so we started calling him "Yeti Spaghetti." I feel kind of bad about it now. I wonder what happened to him. He was good at math.


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