Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bleak Holiday, Plasma and a Winking Leopard

Finally - at long last - the unanticipated sequel to The Membranous Lounge that no one asked for! Behold, Bleak Holiday!

There are some people that hate this cover but me, I like it.

Dig it today!

Plasma in the driveway
Plasma on the grass
Plasma on the bus seat
But Plasma has no pass
Plasma in the shopping mall
Staining all the gowns
Plasma being ushered out
Of ugly, angry towns
Plasma is my beverage
Plasma is my hope
Plasma is my Parson
Plasma is my Pope
And when I’m dead and buried
With Plasma in my grave
I’ll seep into the soil
No longer Plasma’s slave 

Aw, I think the leopard likes you.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Obituaries from Yesteryear

      I wouldn't take that cotton candy, kid.

Happy” Herman Halperin, local children’s TV host, dies at 52.

Herman Halperin, who followed a thirteen year career as a beloved children’s television host with controversy, drug abuse, bouts of mental illness, and two arrests, died at St. Simeon Memorial Hospital yesterday. He was 52.

Happy Herman’s Ha-Ha House debuted on WGZR, channel 8, in September 1955. Hosting the show from a memorable art-deco set designed with sharp-angled walls, crooked doors, and askew windows that looked out on leering cartoon faces, Happy Herman gave many Clearhaven children their first exposure to Popeye, Woody Woodpecker and The Little Rascals.