Sunday, December 29, 2013

In Sequence

Kitty Litter In Sequence

Bonus Hidden Track!

Squinty-Eyed Saps


Hank Quirton

Quentin walked into the quiescent speakeasy. He squinted into the murk.

“Hey, Quentin,” said Quirt, squinting. Quirt clicked on the lights.

Quentin squinted against the sudden brightness.

Quirt, still squinting, approached Quentin. “You got the ice?”

Quentin squinted. “Yeah, right here,” he said. “Ya Sap!” He pulled out a heater, squinting.

Quirt squinted at the gun quizzically. “Hey, Quentin, what’s the idea? You gone squirrely or something?”

Quentin squinted at Quirt. “Cut out the innocent act. I know all about Quincy and the quagmire in Quebec.”

Quirt’s squint softened. “Hey, that ain’t my fault, honest. Quincy’s got quirks, that’s all. That quack doctor gives him Quaaludes...” Quirt had begun to quake, squinting.

Quentin squinted and pulled the trigger twice, firing at Quirt’s ticker without a qualm. Quirt quickly clutched his chest, squinting, and slumped to the floor.

Quentin squinted down at him.

“Nice shootin’, Quentin,” a female voice quipped.

Quentin squinted as Queenie stepped from the shadows. She squinted at Quirt’s body.

“Hey, cutie,” Quentin said, squinting at her.

They squinted at each other. “Hi, lover” Queenie said coquettishly. 
“You ready?”


And then Queenie drew a gun and said, “I’m quitting you!” She shot Quentin, squinting against the quick blast.

Quentin, squinting, sputtered, “You chiseler...” and then flopped to the floor.

Queenie squinted at the sudden sound of gathering sirens. Coppers! She reached into Quentin’s coat and grabbed the small satchel of diamonds. She squinted at it and then quickly made a bee-line for the back exit.

But the cops were quietly waiting to cuff her, squinting in anticipation.

The rocks in the satchel turned out to be quartz.   

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