Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Last Two 100 Word Stories

 I like monkeys!
Tommy remained in bed, determined to enjoy the morning. Incense and Peppermints was on the radio. Tommy felt the acid he’d dropped starting to take effect; a nervous tingling in his bowels. Why did acid always make him want to shit?
     Herman tapped on the window. Tommy raised the screen.
     “Hey man,” Herman said. “You score?”
     “Yeah. What you need?”
     Tommy sold Herman six tabs of Arte Johnson acid.
     “You try it yet?” Herman asked.
     “Just started coming on.”
     “Cool. Catch you later.”
   Tommy ran to the bathroom, seated himself and crapped a squirming school of purple polliwogs. 


Ivan was a large man who dominated the dinner table.
     “Pass the rolls,” he said. A command, not a request.
     His eldest son, Lebedev passed him a basket of rolls.
     Around the table sat Ivan’s children; Yevgeny, Mitya, Fyodor, Parfyon, Nastasya, Kolya, Lebedev, Ippolit and Lizaveta.
     Across from him sat his wife, Veronka. Veronka said, “I have news, husband. I’m with child again.”
      Ivan coughed and a shred of roast-beef launched from his throat and landed in Veronka’s eye.
     “Ow! Ew!” she cried.
     Ivan laughed heartily. “Now you can SEE how overdone the beef is!”
     Another food fight had begun.

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