Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Everyone Seems Distorted

The last time I was at the barber shop I found an old Men’s Daring magazine from the early 60’s. It was buried under the golfing magazines. I wondered what it was doing there. Inside was an article called How to Sin like Errol Flynn but I didn’t have time to read it before my haircut was ready.

I made a loaf of bread and mixed shards of glass into the dough. Once baked, I placed it on a bread board next to a serrated knife. I tell no one what I’ve done. No one would guess that eating the bread might be deadly. I like having something secret and dangerous in the kitchen.

The little boy was blind and his grandmother led him across the parking lot by repeating the sound woo-hoo! as they walked. It took them seven woo-hoo’s to get to the car.

Josh listens to very pessimistic music. All the songs are about how there’s no hope and we’re all doomed. “The lyrics aren’t what’s important,” he says. “It’s the beat...”

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