Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I have a wound on the back of my head (golf injury) and bits of food ooze out of it. The food is pinkish red and tastes like bubble gum and ketchup and it’s packed with energy. After I eat a few of the little pink morsels I want to go outside and run around. I don’t think eating it is healthy but I can’t help myself. I dig the morsels out of the wound with a pencil (#2). The hole produces more and more. I’ve begun to freeze the excess in plastic bags. I don’t think it’s brain matter but it’s tied into the brain somehow because my memories are growing blurred and indistinct. I have forgotten my Aunt Rae entirely and must construct new memories using photographs and the testimony of my family. It’s too bad because I’m told I really loved Aunt Rae.

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