Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Membranous Lounge is Here!

      Psychedelic monkeys lost in a paisley fog, Mantruth.

My first book is out and you can find it here.

"The pure essence and joy of writing cannot be parsed and analyzed like coleslaw. The vigorous, confident writer must find his or her inspiration from the ordinary things in life. The miraculous boredom one feels among the flowers and trees. The smile of a friend you wish you'd never met." --Hank Kirton from the book, A Writer is Just a Pimp with Herpes.

I dig lip gloss & coleslaw & butter & dimes

I dig seaweed & push-ups & sexual crimes   

I dig Falstaff & corncobs & big Bruce McGill

I dig noodles & servants & a little blue pill

And when I am tired, I head off to bed

And dream about monkeys and Charo and bread

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  1. Hey, Hank. A few months ago I got a copy of The Membranous Lounge at my post office box. I'm up to my armpits in books so I only I finished reading it yesterday. I love it. I seldom tell writers in advance of writing the review that I really liked their works but I'm making an exception this time. Your stories were bizarre, grotesque, inventive, clever and in some cases deeply upsetting. I'm not sure who sent me the copy I received - you or your publisher - but I wanted you to know it was a welcome surprise.