Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Quentin Talbot looked up from his newspaper and squinted in the direction of his wife. “What did you say?”

     “I said Mrs. Benson is coming over later to pick up the old picture frames.”

     “Oh. Okay.”

     “I told her we don’t have any use for them anyway...”

     “Use for what?”

     “The picture frames! Honestly, Quentin!”

     “Oh sure, the picture frames. That’s what I thought you said.”

     June Talbot walked into the kitchen for her pills. She returned to the parlor.

     When Quentin saw her he said, “What picture frames are these?”


     “What picture frames?”

     “Those old ones you found in the basement.”

     “Oh, those.”

     “Yes, we have no use for them.”

     “Yeah, I guess not.”

     “Well, of course not!”

     He raised his newspaper then lowered it again. “Uh, June? Who are you giving them to again?”

     “Mrs. Benson. Is your hearing-aid in, Quentin?”


     “Put your hearing-aid in!”

     “No, don’t want any lemonade.”

     “Your hearing-aid!”

     “Oh! My hearing-aid.”

     “Yes, Quentin.”

     “It is in, June.”

     “Oh fuh gawd’s sake, Quentin!”

     June swallowed two yellow pills with a sip of tepid water.

     They sat in silence for several minutes.

     Then Quentin lowered his newspaper again. “Who the hell is Mrs. Benson?”

Remember when you were a kid and repeated a word or phrase over and over until it didn't make sense anymore? I've been writing and reading so much lately, the English language is starting to fray and disintegrate into meaningless nonsense. Sentences seem wrong. Grammar incomprehensible...

It's weird...

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