Friday, January 29, 2016

It was Gray the Day of the Christmas Miracle

It was gray the day of the Christmas Miracle. I had ended a disastrous three-year drinking binge and was drying out at my sister’s house. Since I couldn’t be trusted, I had given up my wallet, but the alcoholic mind is a criminal mind and I began saving change. I was trusted with enough money to buy small purchases such as milk, snacks, etc. For weeks I hoarded coins.
     Once I’d scraped together seven dollars I decided to spend it. It was a week before Christmas. I started walking the mile to the liquor store. Cold drizzle fell, coating everything in a glaze of ice. Magical thinking is another facet of the addict’s character and as I walked I kept my gaze on the ground, looking for lost change, hoping to find a dropped wallet. Seven dollars wasn’t enough to get the job done. The entire walk into town I was frantically looking for lost money. I kept telling myself it was a silly, futile hope but I couldn’t help it. Lost money, I kept thinking. Lost money lost money...
     And then the street opened into the center of town and I saw something that made me question my sanity; a ten dollar bill! It was like I’d wished it into existence! The bill was frozen to a snowbank. And next to the ten I found a dollar bill and then another one! I looked around for a film crew. Mr. Funt? I felt like I was hallucinating. I peeled the bills off the ice and went to the liquor store and bought a bottle of cheap whiskey and some beer. As I headed back, I really felt as if something supernatural had happened to me. And that’s the story of my Christmas Miracle.

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